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5 Tips to prevent Covid-19 acne

Masks play a vital role in reducing the spread of coronavirus,

But they are also creating chaos with our skin.

Since we are going to be wearing masks for a while longer, we need to develop a great acne management plan, that’s quick & easy to follow.


Cleansing your skin before and after wearing your mask is number 1,

Before you pop your mask on each day, cleanse your skin with a gentle foaming cleanser, so your skin is perfectly clear.

When you remove your mask at the end of the day, be sure to cleanse your skin straight away to remove any bacteria and perspiration build up.

Less make up, is a win because really, half of our face is covered by the mask – there is no need to aggravate the situation with make up. This will reduce the amount of clogging in your skin and will give your skin a chance to clear.


A Deep cleansing mask – I have had great success with this one !

Using either DMK’s Acu mask or O Cosmedics 3 in 1 fruit peel mask will deep, deep cleanse your pores. They are both brilliant with blackheads and congestion.

Acu Mask contains bentonite which has powerful drawing abilities, pulling impurities & congestion out of the skin.



A topical Anti-bacterial product is a must for your chin area,

Actrol powder is specifically formulated to reduce excess oils, and to increase your healing.

This powder forms an anti-bacterial seal over your skin.


Acu klear is a spot treatment cream that would have heard me talk about before. This spot cream is a must in every household, it contains salycilic acid, to dissolve into your pore and breakdown any whiteheads & blackheads.

It can be used 2 or 3 times a day on the affected area.



Lips can get really dry under our masks, so make sure you have a Lip balm in your car, pocket or purse at all times !  Most of us will have one in all of these spots and more !

We stock the Grown Alchemist lip balm, which is super hydrating !


And of course, Invest in a few masks so you can wash them after each use.


Caroline Storen