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Essential Fatty Acids

Otherwise known as EFA ULTRA


The nitty gritty of EFA’S ULTRA ?

This is an internal supplement we offer to support your skin on the inside,

I have experienced firsthand the magical benefits of these babies, and I couldn’t be without them !

EFA’s are fatty acids that our bodies cannot make, therefore they must be obtained from the food we eat. Unfortunately, our western diet is known to be notoriously low in essential fatty acids.

DMK EFA’S contain a powerful group of essential fatty acids 3, 6, 7 and 9

derived from Evening primrose and Seabuckthorn seed oil they provide more than 190 nutrients, they also contain Organic Coconut oil, and Merkabu seaweed extract with Fucoidan sourced from Tasmania.

All of our skin journeys begin with EFA’s


How do they work ?

Essential fatty acids 3, 6, 7 and 9 have been proven to reduce the severity of acne, support wound healing, reduce inflammation and skin sensitivity, assist with hydration, and generally increase the overall health of your skin.

The analogy I like to use is, picture a glass of water out in the sun all day,

By the end of the day that glass of water is mostly empty due to evaporation.

But, put that same glass of water out in the sun, with a spoon on oil on top & that glass of water will stay intact all day.

Our skin is the same, we need good healthy oils for our skin receptors to work, to protect our skin and to keep our skin healthy.



What’s the difference between fish oil and EFA’S you ask ?

Buckets of basic Fish oils are available in every chemist you pass, this type of fish oil comes from farmed fish that live on a pellet type of diet. Studies have shown that the levels of omega’s in these fish have halved over the years, and levels of mercuary have gone up.  Whilst scientists are researching solutions, this doesn’t help us right now.

I pick quality over quantity, DMK EFA’s contain the highest quality of ingredients possible, sourced from Tasmania, Spain and Mongolia. They extract their ingredients to ensure the highest nutritional value possible



Extraction method

When it comes to supplements this is such an important factor ,

The most popular method of extraction is soak seeds in solvents, then to remove the oil; this is the cheapest form of extraction, BUT it detroys many of the bioactive benefits.

EFA Ultra uses carbon dioxide extraction for both evening primrose & seabuckthorn seed oils. It is by far the most costly but ensures maximum nutritional efficacy.



DMK EFA ULTRA , 120 Capsules $68