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DMK Skin Revision

Remove, Rebuild, Protect, Maintain

DMK enzyme therapy offers an effective skin revision program for all ages, skin conditions, and genetic backgrounds.

Enzyme therapy
  • Rebuilds and regulates your skin function, and strengthens internal structures.
  • Reduces inflammation and increases healing
  • Stimulates new collagen, elastin and GAG production from within your body
  • Increases free water levels (hydration!)
  • Stimulates blood circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the surface
  • Stimulates your lymphatic system, detoxifying your skin

All of this results in LONG term, lasting results!

Level 1 $229

Basic Enzyme therapy is the perfect introduction for new clients or for clients on Roaccutane. Finished with a transdermal infusion to leave you hydrated and glowing.

Level 2 $229

Customised Exfoliation + Enzyme therapy, finished with our hydrating transdermal infusion.

Level 3 $259
This is an advanced treatment, customised to your skin revision program. Suitable for acne, milia, pigmentation rosacea and ageing.

Can include:

  • Double exfoliation + Enzyme therapy
  • Muscle banding
  • Alkaline + Enzyme therapy
Level 4 $290

Instant Lift is perfect before a special occasion, to gain a fresh, bouncy, youthful complexion. It incorporates an exfoliant to suit your skins needs, followed by enzymes 1, 2, + 3, and finished with our transdermal infusion for the ultimate in hydration!


Mini RP

This is the ‘mini’ version of the full Remodelling Procedure, ideal for those needing minimum downtime. It treats surface pigment, scarring, sun-damage, and wrinkles. For best results book a course of treatments.

RP / Pro Alpha 6 layer peel P.O.A

An intensive remodelling procedure, based on DMK’s philosophy REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT, MAINTAIN. Includes 4 – 6 salon visits. A complete home-care routine must be followed.

DMK Nutrition facial $99

Can be customised to suit your skins needs, this facial can include extractions when needed, or can include a hydrating infusion for those in need of a lift! It’s a great introduction to the DMK treatments.