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Vitamin A, aka Retinol

Why the rave for retinol ?

Why the rave for retinol ?

It comes in many forms, we often refer to it as the conductor of the orchestra

Its the perfect weapon for age management, acne and pigmentation.

No skin routine is complete without it.

How does it work ?

When you first start to use vitamin A it works in the top layers of our skin, shedding off our dry, dead layers. This is why you will often feel dry or experience flakiness when you first use Vitamin A (its a huge benefit to acne suffers, as it helps to clear blockages from the mouth of our follicles).

This shedding smoothes our skin, 

assists in the penetration of products and 

evens out the colour and tone of our skin.


Secondly vitamin A helps with our epidermal stem cells,

these stem cells assist in the repair of our skin after damage.

Vitamin A will assist these cells by increasing a slow cell turnover to increase healing, giving us a thicker, stronger epidermis which is great for the health of our skin and for those with impaired skin barriers. 


Thirdly, Vitamin A helps our fibroblasts !

These are the guys that produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Vitamin A repairs our fibroblasts to help produce good quality collagen, regenerate and hydrate our skin 


We stock many forms of Vitamin A, chat to one of our team member to see which one will suit you