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Cutera’s Laser Genesis is the gold standard against ageing, wrinkles, acne and uneven skin. Painless, effective & zero downtime, it’s revolutionising the beauty industry & here to make your wrinkles a thing of the past.

What is Laser Genesis?

A relaxing and rejuvenating treatment, Laser Genesis is a complex laser that stimulates your skin’s collagen to plump & rejuvenate your skin. A non-invasive and comfortable procedure that requires no downtime, it smooths out imperfections, minimises scars, reduces pore size and breaks down excessive redness in your face. Fast, painless and highly effective, it’s the laser treatment that has the beauty industry buzzing.

$350 Laser Genesis Plus facial , includes an enzyme peel & LED light session for optimum results

Save with a Course of 6 treatments   $1700

How does it work?

Laser Genesis works by gently warming up the upper dermis (the collagen layer of skin) this increases collagen production and improves the skin quality from within. The warmth from the laser also constricts blood vessels, which helps to treat any diffuse redness in the skin. Most importantly, unlike other treatments, Laser Genesis doesn’t burn your skin. You’ll only experience a warm sensation in the area that also fades away quickly.

How to prep the skin?
  • No skin preparation is necessary.
  • The Laser Genesis treatment is best used in conjunction with LED Light sessions.
How to care for your skin after treatment?
  • One of the best features of Laser Genesis is that there is no downtime so you can come in, have your session and carry on with your daily life.
  • We recommend a good home care routine to maintain your results.
  • Take a break from your actives like Vitamin A and C for 5 days following your genesis.
  • You must apply a high SPF sunscreen and wear a hat when outside.
How often should I use Laser Genesis?

For best results we recommend a course of 4 –  6 treatments, specific conditions like Rosacea or similar, may require extra treatments. Then maintain these results, with a regular treatment once every eight – ten weeks.

Not suitable during pregnancy