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DMK Enzyme Therapy


The team at The Beauty Emporium have been lucky enough to experience the paramedical skincare facial that everyone is talking about,
Read on for Naomi and Steph’s reviews on DMK Enzyme Therapy

Naomi – My DMK experience

I’ve used many great skin products over my 19 years of being a Beauty Therapist and nothing has given me the results that DMK have.
I had my 1st enzyme treatment and immediately saw a difference. The enzymes work with the internal structures and functions of the skin getting to the core of the problems. It flushes out the build up of toxins and floods our cells with fresh new blood and oxygen. Therefore my skin was instantly more plump, bouncy and absolutely glowing.

After seeing these results and being the ‘product junky’ I am I immediately started on the FULL range of DMK home care.
Within a week my skin was amazing and I found myself applying less makeup. I had people constantly comment on my ‘glowing skin’ and how fresh it looked.

I have since had many enzyme treatments and have even moved on to the more advanced mini RP facial and alkaline treatments.
The results speak for themselves my pigmentation has lightened immensely and my skin is much firmer, tighter and smoother.

I’m excited to be able to offer our clients this amazing product and help them restore their skin back to it’s optimal health! Just like I did
Naomi xx

Steph – My DMK Experience

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