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Vitamin C

the breakfast cereal for our skin

Vitamin C has long been a hero skin ingredient, here’s why ….


  • It provides an excellent antioxidant shield over our skin, making it perfect for daytime use


  • It inhibits the production of an enzyme tyrosinase,  to lighten hyperpigmentation, dark spots and even our skin tone 


  • It helps to repair capillary walls, reducing redness, and keeps them strong to prevent future redness. Capillaries provide blood, oxygen and nutrients to our skin, all essential for strong healthy skin.


  • Its a collagen precursor (this is a good thing). Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in our skin, that depletes over time. Vitamin C encourages & maintains good quality collagen production, for healthy, strong skin – fighting those fine lines and wrinkles !



Vitamin C can be tricky to produce due to its sensitivity to light & oxygen, therefore its best to invest in a good quality serum, and once open keep your serum out of direct sunlight and heat.

We stock vitamin C for all skin types, chat to one of our team members to see which one will suit you

Expect results within 4 – 12 weeks