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Vitamin B3

aka Niacinamide

Vitamin B3 does not occur naturally in our body, its an antioxidant that we must get from outside sources.

This little vitamin rescues and restores our skin from environmental damage, living in Australia this is something we will all benefit from.

It fights pigmentation, acne and inflammation ! !


Vitamin B3 regulates our melanin production by coating the nucleus of our skin cells to prevent pigmentation attaching to it.

This magic action lightens and brightens our skin cells, and leaves us with a more even skin tone !


Vitamin B3 fights acne by regulating our oil & sebum production

It also balances the pH of our skin, keeping it more acidic, 

(we all know P.acne bacteria cannot survive in an acidic environment)

B3 assists with your skins natural exfoliation process, which helps with congestion at the mouth of our follicles, leading to less bacteria and breakouts.


Vitamin B3 boosts our skins immunity by stimulating our Langerhan cells,

Langerhan cells are our immune cells, they engulf and destroy bacteria, and mop up damaged DNA.

An inflamed skin generally has weak langerhan cells, that’s where B3 comes in to increase our skins immune response to fight inflammation. Its the only proven topical skin ingredient shown to have this benefit.

It will also improve our epidermal barrier, which is essential to maintain a healthy, hydrated skin, a perfect benefit for rosacea sufferers. 

Vitamin B3 can be used both morning and night !

expect results within 4 – 12 weeks