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Introducing Our New Laser Specialist

Justin Davies, RN and Cutera Clinical Trainer

The Beauty Emporium would like to introduce our new Laser specialist

After 10 years as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in plastic surgery, Justin has spent the last 13 years training Melbourne’s leading plastic surgeons and dermatologists in the use of the Cutera Laser systems.

Justin is now also lecturing at Victoria University and supervising their clinic, training students in a Dermal Therapies Degree. Justin has attended many laser conferences around Australia and the USA over the past 13 years, learning the latest and most advanced techniques from the leaders in the industry.  Justin is the very best in his field; laser treatments could be the solution you are looking for.

Laser treatments can assist with many complaints including:

  • Hair reduction and removal
  • Reducing the appearance of skin complaints, scarring and blemishes
  • Improving skin tone and laxity, reducing wrinkles and ‘looseness’, improving appearance
  • Medical complaints including fungal infections in toenails

Please contact our reception to arrange a consultation with Justin, and find out how he can dramatically improve your problem area.