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DMK Remodelling Procedure

skin revision

I have had many facial treatments over my 19 years of being a Beauty Therapist from laser to glycolic peels, you name it I have tried it all, but nothing has given me the results like the DMK RP peel has.
This intense 10 day transformation to my skin has improved my pigmentation, fine lines dramatically and has left me with the most bright and dewy complexion.

The DMK Remodelling Procedure (RP) is more than just an age management program.  This is a true remodelling of the skin in which it revises it back to its genetic blue print. It completely overhauls your skin performance on a cellular level rebuilding the foundations for ongoing skin health.

Using a potent mix of AHA’s, BHA’s and Vitamin A this multi layer treatment works to  dramatically improve skin tone and texture, acne, pigmentation,  scarring and it significantly reduces the signs of ageing. It stimulates the production of collagen delivering oxygen to the blood cells and results reveal that bright dewy clear complexion we are all after. By stimulating this regeneration and regrowth your skin continues to see lasting effects months after the peel has taken place.

Preparation is the key to this treatment. We always preform a minimum of 2 enzymes treatments in the weeks leading up to your RP. Enzymes are a crucial part of the pre and post care.

Specific home care will also play a huge roll in your overall results, absolutely must haves are EFA’s, Beta Gel, Vitamin C, Revitosin and Contraderm.

This 10 day process starts off day 1 applying the peel solution of AHA’s, BHA’s and Vitamin A to the face until it no longer absorbs in. It  starts off with a tingling sensation but as the product penetrates in deeper you start to feel the heat. You then leave it on for 8 hours. Day 2 is very similar we apply the solution again concentrating on our areas of concern this felt much hotter and the skin began to feel tight. This was left on for another 8 hours.

By day 3 my skin was feeling very tight and by the end of the day it started cracking. Day 4 the underlying pigmentation had come to the surface and I was well and truely peeling. Day 5 is ‘Lift off day’ where we have an exfoliating enzyme to lift off the dead peeling skin. It couldn’t come quick enough as I was  well and truly shedding and my skin felt quite itchy and irritated. After the lift off I felt almost normal again all of the major peeling had come off and my skin stopped felling tight and irritated. Day 5-10 the skin felt a little dry and there was a little peeling still happening but nothing major. Day 10 is the second Lift off enzyme. After this enzyme my skin felt amazing! All the peeling had come off and the fresh new skin had come through. The skin will also continue to remodel itself over the next 6 months.

The results have been amazing my pigmentation has improved immensely and my skin is so bright, plump, smooth and hydrated.  It really has transformed my skin. I’m looking forward to the continued results over the next 6 months.

Naomi Patterson