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Paramedical Skincare


The team at The Beauty Emporium have been lucky enough to experience the paramedical skincare facial that everyone is talking about.

Read on for Caroline and Hayley’s reviews on DMK Enzyme Therapy

Caroline – My DMK experience

Throughout my 22 year career in the Beauty industry I have always been drawn to treatments and products that increase the health of my skin. When I heard DMK’s philosophy is all about rebuilding skin health, it was music to my ears.

I initially decided to commit to 3 enzyme treatments in 3 weeks, and I saw results after one treatment.The day following my first enzyme – I couldn’t bring myself to wear makeup! I was loving my fresh, smooth glowing skin so much! In my treatment i felt myself relax on a warm bed with a beautiful cleanse & exfoliation. During the exfoliant, I was wrapped up with a delicious warm towel. Then the enzymes were painted on, this felt lovely and creamy, as it started to dry it got really tight. The enzymes stayed on for 45 minutes, stimulating my lymphatic system, and delivering oxygen and nutrients to my skin.

Three enzyme treatments on, the texture and colour of my skin was even. I noticed the fine lines around my eyes had plumped up and I had a new glow!

My Homecare Routine:
• Pore reduction drops
• Beta Gel and Direct Delivery Vitamin C
• Seba E with Herb & Mineral mist
• Biogen C with Herb & Mineral mist

In the past I have preferred a quick routine, but I’ve fallen in love with this new ritual…. (and I love spending a few minutes doing something for myself) and I love results it gives me. Once I got used to it, I found it only takes me 2 minutes. That’s 2 minutes well spent 💜💜

Hayley – My DMK experience

I had my first DMK enzyme facial almost 5 months ago and have since been using the home care whilst continuing in salon treatments (x5)

Immediately after the enzyme treatment there is a really noticeable difference. The skin is so plump, radiant and has a brilliant bouncy feel! It literally feels and looks oxygenated which is the main focus of these treatments. About a week after each treatment the full results show! My makeup looks it’s best at this stage as the canvas (my skin) is functioning optimally! The skin feels healthy and with every facial thereafter and the use of home care my skin’s texture has improved, it feels more taut and my pigmentation has faded. I feel very fortunate to be working with this impressive range alongside amazing DMK therapists!

Very excited to graduate to new levels and variations of the DMK treatments in future! Let the results continue!!!!