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Be SunSmart

What is it to be SunSmart ?

Is it as easy as choosing to wear 30+ sunscreen everyday ??



To be Sun Smart there are 5 steps involved, wearing sunscreen is just one of them

Clothing – choose t-shirts that cover your shoulders over singlet tops, choose a round neckline over a V-neck, to give your skin more protection.


A wide brim hat is the best choice to keep the back of your neck & ears protected, but its not always practical. So when this isn’t possible choose a hat with a nice long peak to give your face as much protection as possible.


Your eyes are very sensitive to UV damage so Sunglasses are a must, polarised sunnies make it easier to see on a sunny day.

Wearing both a broad -brimmed hat and sunglasses block  98% of rays from your eyes !

(This statistic is from )


We love a 30+ zinc based Sunscreen, this is known as a physical sunscreen. These types of sunscreens physically block out both UVA & UVB rays, as opposed to their counterpart, a chemical sunscreen that absorbs the harmful rays.

We have a great range of physical sunblock’s at The Beauty Emporium for both the face, the body and for children.


Seek Shade whenever possible – umbrellas at the beach, trees to sit under, shade sails & pergolas are all great options.



Get into the habit of checking our UV index every day.

You can find it in the newspaper and on most weather Apps.

Any day that’s above a level 3 requires you to be SunSmart.

The UV index is deceiving, it can be high on a cool 15 degree day.


How to apply your sunscreen

Most people don’t use enough sunscreen, as a general rule Use at least 1 teaspoon of sunscreen for the front and back of each limb, your face, and your neck. This equates to approximately 35ml of sunscreen

Apply your sunscreen 20 minutes before going outside


Caroline Storen